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Types of collagen

Types of collagen

There are more than 19 types of collagen, which depend, among other factors, on the tissue in which it acts and the substances with which it is combined, so it is not considered as a single protein, but rather as a family of molecules closely related but different from each other. The main types are:

Type I: It is found mainly in the bones, the cornea, the dermis and the tendons and is presented in the form of fibers with striations that are grouped together and form chains to provide the tissues of the body with elasticity and resistance.

Type II: Present in cartilage, in some structures of embryos and in the vitreous humor of the eye. Provides resistance to these fabrics against intermittent pressures.

Type III: It is in the tissues of the muscles, veins and skin. It acts as a support for the organs that have the ability to expand and contract.

Type IV: Found mainly on the skin. Its function is to give you support and the ability to filter different substances.

Type V: Present mainly in the organs and tissues located inside the body. Its function is associated with that of type I, that is, it gives tissue resistance.

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