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What is hydrolyzed collagen?

¿Qué es colágeno hidrolizado?

Hydrolyzed collagen is that which we ingest in food and is composed of a mixture of amino acids, peptides and polypeptides. It is used as a tissue regenerator, since it increases the synthesis of macromolecules in the extracellular matrix of cartilage.  The word hydrolysis refers to a specialized process of decreasing molecular size so that your body can have a higher level of absorption.

What is enzymatic?

By enzymatic hydrolysis is understood the hydrolysis that occurs by a group of enzymes called hydrolases. These enzymes exert a hydrolyzing catalytic effect, that is, they cause the breaking of bonds by water. Thus allowing the collagen to arrive in its proper state to be absorbed by the body.

What is açaí?

The açaí (pronounced: assaí) is the fruit of a palm tree (Euterpe Oleracea) that grows only in the wild, in the rain forest in the north of Brazil. In these humid regions and near rivers (especially in the Amazon) these trees, called Açaizeiros, stand about 25 meters high, with a thin and slightly curved trunk.  For centuries, açaí berries were known and consumed exclusively in the tropical rainforest of South America, where they constitute an essential food in the diet of the indigenous people of the Amazon, who also use them as a natural medicine for the treatment of diseases of the the skin and to cure digestive ailments.


  • A high content of anthocyanins (antioxidants) 15 to 30 times more than red wine.
  • The natural vitamins A and C that it possesses strengthen the immune system (defenses), the skin and the formation of red blood cells.
  • It contains the complex of vitamin B, so that the nutrients of the food when entering the organism are used better, giving us more energy.
  • Essential Fatty Acids Omegas 3, 6 and 9. These are the “friendly” fats of the human body and are very important for our health. Unlike many other compounds, they are considered “essential” because our body does not manufacture them, despite being substances involved in vital functions for humans, especially in the structure of cell membranes and in the synthesis of prostaglandins, lecithin and myelin.
  • Large amount of fiber, which can help the digestive system and reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer. In Brazil, açai berries are used to treat digestive disorders and some skin disorders.
  • Açaí is extremely rich in organic vegetable protein (it contains more protein than eggs) so that it does not produce cholesterol during digestion and is easier for our body to assimilate than animal protein (milk, egg, meat).

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